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Repairing LG 32LC46 television

30/01/2012 8 comments

My friend was moving to a new apartment and gave me broken LG 32LC46 flat panel television, which was only been in use for a little over a year before going dead. I googled that model and discovered that most probable problem is the poorly designed power supply in the television, so I decided to try repairing it.

Television with the back panel removed. PSU board is the white one on the left

When inspecting the PSU board, three capacitors could easily be seen broken from their swollen caps and leaking electrolyte.

Closeup from the PSU board. Faulty capacitors are circled

All the faulty capacitors were of value 2200 µF / 10v. I replaced those with 2200 µF / 16v low ESR-models which I had on hand. After this, the tv started working without problems. Of course this does not solve the original overheating problem, so I probably need to do this again sometime, but with the annual upkeep, 6 € for capacitors is not that bad for otherwise free tv.


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