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Copying EyeTV recordings

I often record tv-programs with Elgato EyeTV and transfer them to my media server to be played back later with Playstation 3. Previously I did this by exporting recordings to H.264 and moving them to media server. Exporting however takes a long time and while the file size is reduced considerably, to me it’s totally unnecessary since I generally don’t watch them twice.

EyeTV recording format was a total mystery to me, until by accident I realized that the .eyetv files are actually directories, containing recording as an mpeg file. The actual mpeg file names are just series of numbers. I wrote a small python script which processes all .eyetv directories and copies included mpeg files with corrected names to selected directory.

The script can be downloaded here:

Usage: [-d] /path/to/eyetv/directory/*.eyetv /destination/directory/

If -d switch is used, recordings are deleted after successful copying. EyeTV however does not note that recordings have been deleted, until it’s restarted.

EyeTV has a capability to trigger scripts in certain events. Instructions can be found in this page. AppleScript command to execute shell scripts is:

do shell script "command arguments"

Please drop a comment if the script was helpful for you =)

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