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DIY Baby Monitor

10/11/2016 4 comments

I recently discovered WebRTC in another project and wanted to try it out in some home project. Since our another home project is nearing it’s delivery, a baby monitor seemed to be in the (very long) list of things to buy.

Our baby will probably be sleeping mostly outside in the baby carriage and I wanted some kind of device with live picture thats viewable anywhere in the house to keep an eye on him while doing something else. WebRTC seemed to fit the bill since it works wherever a recent enough browsed is available like in the Android tablet we have in the space between our kitchen and the living room. I tried to use ready software and 3D-printable parts wherever possible to make something usable fast. Read more…


Autoleveling with proximity sensor

24/12/2015 3 comments

Geeetech G2S

I have a Geeetech G2S 3D-printer, which features autoleveling out of the box. Unfortunately the autoleveling is pretty much a joke, consisting of piece of bended wire and a microswitch. Due to the wire flexing, the probe will get different values when the head is moving from left to right than from right to left.


Inductive proximity sensor

I saw someone experimenting with the inductive proximity sensor for autoleveling. These sensors are usually used in applications like limit switches in the garage door openers. They aren’t designed for accuracy and thus I was a bit skeptic how it would work out. The sensors only detect metals, but for G2S it’s not an issue as it has a steel heat bed. Out of recommendation, I bought LJ18A3-8-Z/BX sensor from eBay. The benefit of this type of a sensor is the long detection range, which allows to position the sensor higher than the print head. This way there’s no need to manually lower and raise the sensor before starting the print. The downside is that the sensor needs +12v and also outputs the same voltage, so it can’t be directly connected to the endstop connector.

Read more…

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